Monday, 13 July 2015

ARTIST'S CORNER: Maheswari Janarthanan

When I first came across this little one’s doodles, I was mesmerized by the dreamy , mystical quality of her work.  Of  mermaids, buntings, fireflies, dragonflies, paper planes and all the little treasures and trinkets childhood fantasies are made of - this is how I would describe her art. Maheswari Janarthanan's work is evocative of a underwater wonderland.This ethereal quality of her work piqued my interest and thus compelled me to reach out to her and find out more about the artist behind the art. 

After a bachelors degree in visual communication from SRM arts & Science College, Chennai, Maheswari worked as a designer before becoming a full time freelance illustrator & designer. A voracious reader who is greatly influenced by books, movies and nature, she says Jane Eyre was her favorite book as a little girl. 

Deeply interested in pursuing the spiritual path, her eternal romance with magic and mysticism lead her to become a pranic healer. The basic principle of pranic healing is to utilise the inherent energy present in all living beings for self healing as well as to heal others. Another distinctive feature of pranic healing is that a practitioner does not physically touch a client. Maheswari’s art appears to follow both these principles. Her illustrations at once soothe and energise you by transporting you to a child-like fantastical world full of infinite possibilities and simultaneously offer visual therapy while they draw you in with their seemingly tactile quality. 

When asked about her creative process Maheswari says she loves working at night and usually starts by drawing her ideas/concepts in a book and then recreates them on the computer. Her future plans include learning pottery and creating her very own line of ceramics. I for one can’t wait to find out how she translates her mystical, magical prowess onto mud and clay! How about you?

Check out Maheswari's blog here