If there is one thing I have learned its this-we should never stop exploring. Be it our surroundings, the city we live in, the world or our own creativity. As someone once said –“the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” This philosophy has always stood me in good stead and led me to discover some of the most beautiful things and places. This blog is dedicated to helping you explore your creativity with some input from me. The focus is on sharing decor ideas and design philosophies to help you get started on decorating your own space without a designer or stylist.

It will inspire you to push your creative boundaries and discover your hidden talents. I also share anything new and interesting that I come across in product design, architecture, Art and photography . So as my lil bug and I embark on this journey of self discovery and self expression, we hope we inspire you to do the same and in the process overcome your creative limitations, if any.

About 'the bug'
I lust after all things vintage, especially vintage cars and specifically the Volkswagen Beetle and hope to some day have my very  own Yellow Vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Until then I am making do with my little yellow bug(a model of the Volkswagen Beetle). The 'bug' also represents my constant need to create, explore, experiment and in the process evolve creatively, emotionally as well as spiritually. Hence the name of the blog-The Purple-Yellow Beetle
The Color Purple
Why Purple? Because it stands for mystery, magic, spirituality, creativity, dignity and represents all the good things in the world, created for men and women to enjoy. Purple is also the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. It’s just a few steps away from x-rays and gamma rays.